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City of Daphne
Human Resources Specialist


SALARY: $40,310.40 - $50,003.20 per year

Application Deadline - 07/04/2022


The purpose of this classification is to provide professional human resources support to City departments through work focused on Recruitment and Selection, Workers Compensation Case Management, and Family Medical Leave administration. The Human Resource Specialist may be assigned any combination of the essential functions in order to effectively support the Human Resources Department and other City operations.

City of Madison
City Attorney 


SALARY:  $115,000 - $145,000 Annually (D.O.Q.)

OPENING DATE: 5/13/2022

General Position Summary: 

  • $0 Cost Individual Medical
  • RSA Retirement Benefits This position may remain open until filled or until we receive a sufficient number of applications. City Attorney serves as chief legal counsel for the City and provides overall direction of the City’s legal services department. Provides the most highly responsible and complex level of advanced professional legal services to City officials and staff; supplies legal advice, researches and creates legal documents and opinions, and represents the City before courts, administrative agencies and other forums. You must apply online to be considered for this position. EXAMPLES OF RESPONSIBILITIES:
  • The following duties are normal for this position.  These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive.  This position is also expected to have knowledge of, and to perform, all applicable requirements stated in City ordinances, codes and regulations.  Other duties may be required and assigned.
  • Provides primary legal support and policy advice to the Mayor, City Council, Department Heads and other city officials and staff on highly complex legal issues in a timely manner.
  • Advises Municipal boards such as Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustment and Madison Station Historic Preservation Commission, etc.
  • Interprets Federal, State and local legislation, statutes, rules and regulations. Reviews and analyzes court decisions and pending legislation. Reviews and makes recommendations on proposed policy or procedural changes.
  • Provides or directs the research and preparation of legal opinions, memoranda, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements and other legal documents.
  • Develops and implements new and revised policies and procedures for the City.
  • Directs the work of outside contract attorneys as necessary. Evaluates and awards legal contracts to outside counsel. Assigns, directs and coordinates outside counsel work to ensure compliance with contract specifications, time lines and legal requirements.  Reviews all invoices from outside legal sources prior to payment.
  • Performs or directs prosecution in the Municipal Court of the City of Madison.
  • Attends City Council meetings and Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment meetings, and others as necessary, and gives advice on legal questions involved, including advice as to alternative legal and administrative approaches to the solution of (and prevention of) major City problems.
  • Advises Department Heads and officials on purchasing laws, public records and meeting laws, tax and revenue codes, employment law, law enforcement legislation, building codes and other laws pertaining to city departments and municipal business.
  • Plans and supervises the work of professional staff.
  • Reviews information to keep informed of proposed state and federal legislation affecting the City.
  • Prepares and presents proposed ordinances and resolutions at the request of the Mayor and Council for final consideration by the City Council.
  • Performs legal research incidental to the preparation of legal opinions.
  • Manages department, including personnel actions, leave, pay, appraisal, budgeting and procurement, and other day-to-day activities.

Job Conditions:

  • This position is appointed by City Council for a term coextensive with that of the Mayor, conditioned upon good conduct and efficiency.  This position may or may not be reappointed for additional terms/periods, with or without cause.
  • Normal office working conditions; job requires flexible and extended work hours to accomplish projects.
  • Must be able to attend regularly scheduled bi-monthly meetings of the City Council, and any other work sessions at the Council’s request.  Must also attend monthly meetings of the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment and others as necessary.
  • Duties are performed primarily in an office environment with travel required for meeting and court appearances.
  • Strong personal background required due to the impact of this position on City and public business.
  • Must maintain a strong driving record for city-insurance purpose and record may be periodically checked by the City.
  • Must represent the City exclusively and shall accept no other work that could be construed as a conflict with representation of the City. MINIMAL QUALIFICATIONS:
  • Must be an attorney in good standing, licensed by the Alabama State Bar Association to practice law in the State of Alabama; and failure to maintain licensure shall be cause for dismissal.
  • Graduation from an accredited law school with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree (J.D.).
  • At least five (5) years experience in the practice of law in Alabama, with at least three (3) years experience directly involving the legal representation of a municipality.
  • Some trial experience in state and municipal court levels preferred, with some experience at the federal level a plus. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Technical:
  • Expert, thorough and specialized professional knowledge of complex principles and procedures of local government, administrative, land use, real property, tort and contract law.
  • Thorough knowledge of all applicable State, Federal and Local laws.
  • Ability to plan, direct and coordinate comprehensive legal services for the City.
  • Must exercise independent professional judgment.
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate highly complex factual and legal issues.
  • Must be able to organize, interpret and apply local, state and federal legal principles.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City officials and staff.
  • Ability to conduct highly complex legal research.
  • Ability to use extreme discretion and judgment to act in best interest of the City.
  • Ability to prepare and review highly complex legal documents.
  • Ability to effectively and independently represent the City in court and administrative hearings.
  • Ability to consistently demonstrate a high level of judgment and discretion required for maintaining confidential and sensitive information.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.


  • Skill at hiring, training, appraising, counseling, disciplining, separating personnel.
  • Strong understanding of personnel policies and practices and ability to coach employees in these areas.
  • Leadership and staff motivation skills.
  • Skill at gathering and evaluating input for decision-making.
  • Ability to manage scheduling and leave issues at workgroup level.
  • Strong project management, contract management, planning and prioritization skills.
  • Skill with budgeting and budget enforcement and reporting. 

Physical Capabilities:

  • Ability to communicate verbally with public.
  • Ability to conduct legal research for long periods of time.
  • Ability to work long hours frequently.
  • Ability to drive to court proceedings and various public meetings.