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City of Trussville
City Engineer


The city of Trussville seeks a well-qualified, city engineer who is a licensed Professional Engineer. Please note the close date is 02/24/2023.

The city engineer is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and inspecting all engineering activities involved in the city's traffic, roadway and drainage systems. It is their responsibility to review plans and drawings to determine if construction projects are able to be constructed as they have been drawn. They often meet with contractors and other internal professional personnel associated with proposed projects to review plans and make suggestions for changes, as necessary. Individuals in this position are required to review all private and municipal construction projects to ensure compliance with all applicable state, county and city building codes. City engineers enforce city ordinances within the jurisdictions they serve. Their work is performed under the general direction of the mayor, who reviews work for the accomplishment of goals and objectives.

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To be considered qualified for the position, a candidate must possess the following minimum qualifications:

  •  Driver's license.
  • Professional Engineer license.
  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Engineering.
  • Experience supervising subordinates, including reviewing the work of others, planning and assigning work, etc.
  • Experience reading and reviewing plans for infrastructure improvement projects (e.g., bridge/roadway construction, traffic planning, stormwater management).
  • Experience working with county and state officials (e.g., ALDOT, ADEM) on roadway construction/improvement projects.

Job Duties
Typical senior civil engineer job duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Plans, directs, coordinates and inspects all engineering activities involved in the city's traffic, roadway and drainage systems.
  • Supervises staff by assigning and distributing work, directing staff in their job duties, monitoring progress of work, providing feedback and/or training.
  • Reviews all private and municipal construction projects to ensure compliance with all applicable state, county, and city building codes such as new subdivisions, commercial building, residential properties, etc.
  • Responds to citizen requests/complaints and investigates citizen problems for how to fix drainage problems, rainwater runoff, etc.
  • Enforces city ordinances; land disturbing permits, and monitors construction projects to minimize erosions and save creek beds.
  • Oversees the process to announce, collect, assess, and accept bids from contractors for public infrastructure projects.
  • Evaluates project proposals, plans, and drawings for commercial and subdivision development.
  • Evaluates plans and drawings for accuracy and completeness in order to determine if the proposed plans can be constructed as drawn.
  • Analyzes and approves building and subdivision plans and plats for compliance with engineering requirements.
  • Reviews bids from contractors for the construction project to determine which bid is the lowest.
  • Prepares, monitors, and administers departmental or organizational budget by reviewing spending trends, expenditure reports, analyzing financial data and ensuring expenditures are within annual budgetary limits.
  • Investigates and responds to citizen requests/complaints related to public infrastructure (e.g., roadways, traffic systems, storm water drainage systems, etc.) in order to determine if repairs or modifications to the public infrastructure is required.
  • Monitors construction projects throughout the city to ensure compliance with relevant codes, ordinances, and laws, and takes appropriate actions when a project is found to be in violation of ordinances and permits.
  • Performs plans review of major commercial or residential developments to ensure compliance with all applicable state, county and city building codes.

Compensation & Benefits 

  • Salary range: $86,028.80 - $133,452.80 (starting salary is commensurate with education and experience)
  • The city of Trussville provides a “defined benefit” pension plan under the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA).
  • Excellent medical insurance (100 percent paid single coverage)
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Behavioral health plan
  • Group Term Life & AD&D Insurance, Voluntary Term Life & AD&D, Whole Life Insurance, and Short-term Disability options
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Generous holiday schedule (12 paid holidays)
  • Discounted membership to our 128 acre Sports Complex which has hosted many tournaments for different sports including softball, soccer, baseball and football.

For more information on how to apply, please visit