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City of Auburn
Planning Director


Closing Date: June 14, 2023 – (first review of applications)

Salary: Starts at $125,000 (learn more via the link below)

Duties: The planning department is responsible for the administration of the city’s land use plan, zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations. Reporting to the development services executive director, the planning director is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the operations and activities of the planning department. They oversee the preparation of reports, packet preparation, and presentations for city council, planning commission, and Board of Zoning Adjustment, including meeting minutes for the planning commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment. The planning director reviews all official documents released by the Planning Department; directs the administration, enforcement, review, and updating of the zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations; and provides general advice and final interpretation in relation to the city’s zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations. Auburn is seeking an experienced, innovative leader to serve as its next planning director. 

To apply, please visit:

For more information on this position, contact: Marsha Reed, senior vice president, at or 806-789-9641. 

City of Daphne
GIS Analyst


Salary: $53,000 - $63,000 (learn more via the link below)

Duties: The purpose of this classification is to perform technical work functions associated with preparation, update and maintenance of computerized property maps and records in the city’s geographical information system (GIS). This position is responsible for administering the city’s ARCGIS Enterprise license; ensuring the city is compliant with all local, state and federal laws regarding the documentation of corporate limits and associated jurisdiction; and producing standardized and custom maps, and performing analyses and producing work products for various city departments using GIS data. 

For more information about this job or to apply, please visit: