News Release September 2, 2006

Alabama Department of Revenue - News Release September 12th, 2006

ADOR Compiles List of State Licensing Boards

Montgomery— Last month, the Alabama Department of Revenue began gathering information from state regulatory boards and agencies to use in compiling a list of state licensing boards and agencies that will be distributed to city licensing officials.

The Municipal Business License Reform Act of 2006 (Act 2006-586), passed earlier this year by the Alabama Legislature, requires the department to compile licensing information provided by the various state licensing boards and agencies and distribute the information to designated city licensing officials or municipal revenue officers. All regulatory boards and agencies in the state should contact the department at (334) 353-7827 to ensure that they are included on the list.

The information will be used by local licensing officials to assist business owners and business entities registering in their local jurisdictions to ensure that all state regulatory license registration requirements have been met before applicable municipal licenses are issued.

The department proposes to issue its initial list of state regulatory boards/agencies by December 2006.

"The reporting requirement is only one part of the extensive law changes made in the Municipal Business License Reform Act of 2006 in the area of municipal licensing uniformity," said State Revenue Commissioner Tom Surtees.

"We look forward to working with the various state boards and regulatory agencies to ensure that we have a resourceful informational guide to offer to our city licensing partners, as well as one that is helpful to business owners in meeting local and state licensing requirements," added Surtees.



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