Standing Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Standing Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Committee on State and Federal Legislation     2023 - 2024

Chair: Mayor Ralph Hellmich, Foley
Vice Chair: Councilmember Charles Black, Priceville 

Committee on Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR)    2023 - 2024

Chair: Mayor Sheldon Day, Thomasville           
Vice Chair: Councilmember Crystal Smitherman, Birmingham  

Committee on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources (EENR)    2023 - 2024

Chair: Mayor Ashley Curry, Vestavia Hills                
Vice Chair:
Councilmember Ron Mason, Butler

Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure and Communication (TIC) 2023 - 2024

Chair: Mayor Tab Bowling, Decatur          
Vice Chair: Councilmember Don Mack, Centreville       

Committee on Public Safety (PS)    2023 - 2024

Chair: Councilmember Michael Ellis, Lafayette     
Vice Chair: Mayor Joe Taylor, Rainbow City       

Committee on Human Development (HD)    2023 - 2024

Chair: Mayor Ron Anders, Auburn       
Vice Chair: Councilmember Gayle Robbins, Florala

Committee on Community and Economic Development (CED)    2023 - 2024

Chair: Councilmember Joe Watson, Brewton              
Vice Chair: Mayor Brian Puckett, Helena